Medicated Facial

Medicated Facials are medical-grade facials that go beyond what a regular salon facial can offer. These treatments are designed to treat specific skin conditions or disorders and are safe for almost all skin types. Medi or Medicated Facials are done at a certified and experienced dermatologist’s clinic using many devices and techniques.

They can help to treat a range of issues like dull, dry, and loose skin. They can repair the skin and restore a youthful, glowing and hydrated look. They can be tailored to resolve sun damage, pigmentation issues and signs of aging.

  • Power Glow Facial
  • Microdermabrasion

Hydrafacial Elite

Hydrafacial Elite comes with great features. It is more than your ordinary facial. With its vortex fusion technology, the treatment can help rejuvenate skin in just three steps CLEANSING, EXFOLIATION and HYDRATION. The treatment cleanses skin deeply and delivers nutrient-rich serums for a clearer and more radiant appearance. The system can provide fast, comfortable and effective that gives you smooth and younger-looking skin.

Skin Booster

Skin booster injections are a soft, gel-like substance called Hyaluronic Acid (HA). This is a substance that occurs naturally in the skin and holds incredible amounts of moisture. However, HA depletes with many factors including age, sun damage, genetics, smoking and environmental factors which is what causes skin to become dry and dehydrated. Microinjections of hyaluronic acid restores the moisture in the skin, which improves its elasticity, firmness and radiance.

Skin Boosters are injected using microdroplet or mesotherapy technique of tiny injections. This process of delivering skin boosters also triggers the skin's own repair resulting in collagen production and improved skin elasticity.

Microneedling by M Pen

m.pen the ultimate microneedling solution.

Microneedling with m.pen is a FDA- approved cosmetic treatment that uses small needles to puncture the top layer of the skin. It is a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that’s used to treat skin concerns by boosting collagen & elastin production. It also helps to rebuild the skin by making it plumper, tighter and smoother. The treatment can be done on the face, hair and body. Microneedling is touted as a multi-purpose treatment because it improves several cosmetic issues like acne, scars, wounds, cellulite, stretch marks, wrinkles, facial lines etc.

Treatment by Derma Pen 4

At Lèvere Clinics, we’re delighted to be able to offer you the revolutionary Dermapen 4 treatments. This micro-needling device aims to tighten, lift and rejuvenate skin.

A Dermapen 4 treatment uses multiple needles that pierce the skin vertically. This process enhances rejuvenation results and is far safer for you and results increased production of collagen and elastin, resurfacing, retexturing and overall skin renewal anywhere on the body. 


  • Microneedling with Dermapen 4
  • Scar removal by Dermapen 4
  • Pigmentation reduction by Dermapen 4
  • Wrinkles & fine lines reduction by Dermapen 4
  • Acne reduction by Dermapen 4
  • Skin tightening by Dermapen 4
  • Stretch marks removal by Dermapen 4
  • Enlarged pores reduction by Dermapen 4
  • Keloids by Dermapen 4

& Melasma

Pigmentation, Hyperpigmentation and Melasma can create dark spots all over your face and make you appear older. To solve this problem, you can opt for different treatments at Lèvere Clinics


Cosmelan is a professional depigmenting method that fully removes the most severe and resistant spots with maximum efficacy and safety.

The cosmelan method is a unique combination of active ingredients of proven efficacy that provides it with a unique and dual action for a short- and long-term outcome.

  • It visibly removes and attenuates spots.
  • Regulates the overproduction of pigmentation to prevent the spots' reappearance.
  • Helps control skin pigmentation.


Dermamelan is a depigmenting anti-spot treatment,leader in the medical aesthetic industry, due to its enormous effectiveness in correcting and controlling any type of spots of melanic origin.

Dermamelan offers a double action, it eliminates cutaneous hyperpigmentations and at the same time it regulates the overproduction of melanin, thereby inhibiting and controlling the reappearance of new spots. And this is what makes this treatment unique. In other words, it not only treats existing spots but also exerts a significant suppressive action on melanin production, which leads to the prevention of the appearance of new spots.

Chemical Peel

The chemical peels for the face are customisable cosmetic procedures tailor-made for your skin type, tone, and concern. The procedure exfoliates and peels off the outer layer of your skin to reveal smoother and less damaged skin underneath. Chemical peels are of different types, and the severity of your skin concern determines the one that best suits you.


Laser Hair Reduction

Candela GentleYAG Pro-U treatment is a procedure that allows the penetration of light safely into the skin to gently heat the skin and cause a collagen building response. The creation of new collagen promotes a tightening of the skin and reduction of facial wrinkles and red spots.

Chemical Peel

The chemical peels for the face are customisable cosmetic procedures tailor-made for your skin type, tone, and concern. The procedure exfoliates and peels off the outer layer of your skin to reveal smoother and less damaged skin underneath. Chemical peels are of different types and the severity of your skin concern determines the one that best suits you.



PURISMA creates and delivers patient-friendly energy in the form of ‘PLASMA’ to purify and rejuvenate skin by improving facial lines and wrinkles.

Also, it is effective to various types of scars as well as skin pigmentation associated with photoaging.

PURISMA energy is transferred into every layer of skin by specially designed JET handpiece and SPOT handpeice which provide various applications from Inject to Space and Touch.

Treatments with Purisma

  • Acne
  • Keloids
  • Scar removal
  • Eye lid lifting
  • Anti- bacteria
  • Whitening effect
  • Pore minimization
  • Treating stretch mark

IV Therapies

IV therapy naturally cleanses your body and removes toxins to give your skin a youthful and rejuvenated appearance. It not only give a healthy glowing skin but also help to improve our immunity and overall healing of the body. Lèvere’s specially formulated IV drips help replenish the body with essential vitamins and nutrients in a much more rapid manner than taking supplements. It is the only delivery method that provides 100 percent bioavailability, directly into the bloodstream while bypassing the Gl tract for instant benefits.

  • Glutathione IV Therapy
  • Vitamin C IV Therapy

Dark Circle

HydraFacial Eye perk

Hydrafacial eye perk is the best under eye treatment uses very subtle ingredients that are capable of treating sensitive skin, especially under the eye without causing any side-effects. This treatment reduces the look of the fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles. The results are amazing as just after the first treatment session one can see the noticeable difference in the under-eye area. It will moisturize, hydrate and instigate the elasticity in the under eye skin.

Under-eye Fillers

Under Eye Fillers are one type of cosmetic dermal filler procedure where hyaluronic acid is injected in the under-eye area to add volume in the area, which can de-emphasize the circles and reduces the puffiness.



Botox is an FDA-approved injectable product that is used to treat frown lines, forehead lines and other wrinkles. This fantastic injectable treatment improves the appearance of crow’s feet, frown lines and other wrinkles in a quick, minimally invasive manner. At Lèvere Clinics we can use this product to smooth your skin and make you look younger and fresher

Dermal Fillers

Dermal Filler therapy helps top reduce wrinkles and hollow areas of face to sharpen and improve facial feature. Lèvere Clinics uses fillers to fill creases on face including deep frown lines and for treatment of hollow cheeks. Outcome of this treatment can be noticed instantaneously and effects usually last between 9 months and one year or longer.

Skin PRP

Face PRP is a non-surgical facelift using platelet rich plasma. Blood is made of RBC (Red Blood Cells), WBC (White Blood Cells), Plasma, and Platelets. Platelets release healing proteins called growth factors. ln this procedure we take a blood sample of the patient and process this in a special PRP kit that is FDA approved to extract the PRP.

PRP is virtually a golden cocktail of many growth factors that collectively stimulate repair and regeneration. This cocktail is delivered with one of the various meso techniques in the desired area. It stimulates neo collagen and is a very promising rejuvenation and antiaging therapy.

Skin Tightening
& Lifting



The Ultraformer III is an optimum, non-invasive ultrasound device that lifts and tightens the skin for a youthful complexion and tightens the body for slimmer contours. With precision per shot pulse, HIFU-powered transducers are designed to either remodel collagen to remove facial wrinkles and sagging skin or tighten body tissues to reflect your full potential.


  • Wrinkle reduction
  • Smoothing the skin
  • Tightening of the décolletage
  • Enhancing jawline definition
  • Tightening sagging skin on the neck
  • Lifting the cheeks, eyebrows and eyelids

Thread Lifts

Threads are designed to perform a revitalization skin treatment; the treatment is beneficial for skin tightening, skin thickening and to improve skin texture thus reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Once inserted into the skin, threads activate collagen synthesis to gradually tighten and rejuvenate the skin. This provides the skin with a tighter feel, appearance and a more youthful look.

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