Our Founder

“Persistence. Perfection. Patience. Power. Prioritize your passion. It keeps you sane.”- Criss Jami

This famous quote summarises Dr. Tushar Vishnoi perfectly.

Dr. Tushar Vishnoi is one of those professionals and self-made Entrepreneur, who is persistent to find perfection in everything he does. He wears multiple hats as an Entrepreneur, Aesthetician & Style Icon. Dr. Tushar is set on creating waves in the Beauty & Aesthetic industry by launching several Lèvere Clinics across metros & mini metros. 

Entrepreneur Dr. Tushar Vishnoi launched Lèvere Clinics to fill the visible gap in the Aesthetic industry by introducing his inclusive brand for people of all ages and genders. 

Derived from the French word ‘Lè’ means ‘The’ and ’Vere’ means ‘Glass’ and elaborates the ideology behind the transparency that the brand offers in terms of Techniques, Treatments and Equipment. At Lèvere, we focus on enhancing our client’s Natural Beauty to enhance their Confidence to be comfortable in their own Skin and Body. 

Besides the art of Aesthetics & Dentistry. Dr. Tushar is fond of Fashion and is known for breaking the stereotype of his profession by his Style and passion for fashion and luxury cars.

Our Vision

Dr. Tushar Vishnoi introduced Lèvere Clinics in India “so that people everywhere would be included,” focusing on a wide range of traditionally hard-to-tackle skin textures, creating techniques & machines that work for all skin types, bodies and dental, pinpointing & finding solutions to lead a healthier lifestyle by improving quality of life.

We cater to all genders, as feeling self love is not just a thing of the past that woman practice, we believe that our men need love too. In our enhancement is their acceptance.

We strive to live with compassion, kindness & empathy.

Our Mission

Lèvere is a commitment to producing and providing the purest, healthiest services and educating everyone. Techniques and machines at Lèvere don't alter your most natural form, they only enhance and beautify. We've taken time to train out technicians properly and extensively, so that there is no gap in providing you our best.

“Taking care of your skin should be fun, It should never feel like pressure and everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their skin, It should never feel like a uniform.”
- Dr. Tushar Vishnoi

About Us

Founded in 2022 by entrepreneur Dr Tushar Vishnoi, Lèvere was created to fill a void in the aesthetic industry. The French word Lèvere means " The Glass" ('Le' means "The' and 'Vere' means 'Glass') This name suits the brand as Dr. Vishnoi believes in complete transparency, all in his techniques, machines and ideologies. The world class machines and technicians at Lèvere helps you to achieve self-acceptance, through enhancing the natural beautifying and healthy properties already in you, through the continuous journey of nourishing your body so you can feel beautiful and confident in your own skin and body-at all times.

After years of experimenting and talking with the best-of-the-best in the aesthetic world and still seeing a massive gap in the industry for techniques and machines that truly work on enhancing what we naturally have. Dr. Tushar Vishnoi, Founder Levere Clinics decided to finally open a world class clinic for aesthetic, beauty & dental services with unique techniques and machines that use science-backed Technology , giving you everything you need to leap your way towards noticeably better skin, body, hair, dental and wellness all in one dose.

Clean, pure, without compromise: The brand took the time to source the highest quality machines and learn & train the best techniques and methods that work holistically together to maximize results, all backed by science - providing you with the results you deserve, without compromising the taste or means of getting there.

Lèvere is more than an aesthetic clinic, challenging unrealistic standard.

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